The Week That Was

Dow’s biggest single-day drop since Brexit (June 2016) Dow’s biggest point drop since Lehman (Oct 2008)

Dow’s worst week since Jan 2016 VIX’s biggest spike since Aug 2015

China Deval / Flash-Crash China’s Shanghai Comp worst week since Dec 2016

China’s Shenzhen Comp worst week since Jan 2016 Germany’s

DAX worst week since Feb 2016

30Y UST Bond’s worst weekly drop since the election (Nov 2016)

UST Yield Curve (2s30s) biggest steepening week since election (Nov 2016)

High Yield Bond’s worst week since March 2017

Dollar Index first weekly gain in two months Dollar Index biggest daily gain since Jan 2017

Gold’s worst week in two months

Silver’s worst week since July 2017

Bitcoin’s worst week since Jan 2015 (04:04PM)

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