NG Daily extension now Projects

245300, any retracement will be sold wholesale. 25780 the next level to observe, it may well trade today.

Sunday would offer pivot support in the 26370 at the moment, that is, of course, subject to change.

Looking for a 7% down day – we’re 1/2 way home.

Alrighty – lets see if this will register with Buyers.

Today we failed the 38.2%%… ¬†Line in the Sand on the Daily @ 2479… that implies a FULL RETRACEMENT to 22465 IF the 23.6% fails.

Sure it can bounce… 27020 would be the logical Price – NG now has opened the Lows for a 2nd test.

IT MUST CLEAR 2869 for Longs to have any Buyers. 

NG Daily Extension
NG Daily Extension

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