Macro Update for Dow Jones Industrial Average

A close tomorrow beneath 24,698 will confirm the prior lower Targets I have posted.

We failed the .618, we failed the .500. 25308 traded, but failed. 25741 – the key pivot I posted earlier today – failed. 25K is now 1,000 points above and we’re not going back there any time soon.

Today’s close barely made it back up and over 23920 @ 23953 but opens the door for the Weekly @ 23248.

We are at risk of trading to that target tomorrow. Today’s 1128 point swing amply demonstrates the Bots are in control.

19,678 will open as the next deep extension low should we trade to or below 23248.

Ideally TIME would present this low very quickly, possibly prior to March…

Closing today below the top of the Lower Weekly Channel @ 24,441 was a serious warning we are heading lower.  Should Price trade the bottom of the channel Рthen we will see the 22,440.

After that, look out below as the FEBRUARY / March 2017 lows opens up.


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