There are two primary ways to purchase physical Gold & Silver as an investment: coins and bars.

When purchasing precious metals for your investment portfolio, consider there are differences between investing in bars and coins. Not all gold bars are created equal.

Investors purchase gold and silver because they recognize the benefits of owning precious metals. Bullion bars and bullion coins share characteristics which make them a superior investment hedge and much more reliable than Currencies throughout history.

The dominant producers of gold bars in the world today include Credit Suisse/PAMP, the Perth Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint and Valcambi. Johnson Matthew & Engelhard are no longer in production. Asahi purchased Johnson Matthew and continues their traction of High Quality recognized globally.

The quality of your gold bullion bar is essential. If you are adding gold bullion to an IRA it must be .9999 Fine. The Internal Revenue Service sets minimum purity requirements for any IRA-approved bullion, meaning that only bars of .9999 high purity are eligible.

For investors looking for the broadest selection of Gold Bars – Valcambi of Switzerland is our first choice. The CombiBar, introduced in 2011 were designed to fit into a wallet much like a credit card.  Each bar divisible into 50 individual 1 gram bars and is easily broken apart, making it a portable, divisible and universally accepted currency option. Valcambi offers the highest levels of service in precious metals refining – from 1 gram to 400 oz LBMA Certified Bars. Valcambi’s Fractional Gold Bars have made them a global leader. Each Valcambi bar is certified and assayed.

Credit Suisse Group and PAMP formed a Joint Venture to produce some of the most popular bullion investments in the world. They offer designs ranging from the simplistic to artisan and provide each bar with a unique identifying serial number – each bar is certified and assayed.

The Perth Mint in Australia manufactures gold bars ranging from ½ oz to 1,000 oz in gold weight. Their Gold Minted Bars series offers weight denominations in 5, 10 and 20 grams as well as 1 oz and 10 oz. These bars are packaged in a tamper-proof display card – each bar is certified and assayed.

Why Invest in Gold Bars?

When central banks hold precious metals – especially gold – in reserves, they hold gold bars.

Premiums on gold bars are typically lower than coins. For investors who have no interest in the design, collectability or other numismatic considerations of their bullion, gold bars are the best option.

Per gram or ounce, you will pay less for your investments through bars instead of coins.

Unlike many Government issue Coins – there is no declared face value for Gold Bars.

The United States  1 ounce gold Eagle has a face value of $50.

AuAgB suggests you, without exception, take physical delivery of your Gold & Silver Bullion – Counter-party Risk to allocated Precious Metals accounts are vastly underestimated.