An Interview I did back in 2004 for Financial Sense Newshour

During 2004 – I felt it was my obligation to break this story – there was a clear pattern of the FED/ESF intervening in the Futures Markets via Gelber out of Chicago.

Any reference to this has been 100% scrubbed from the Internet.

What followed for me, can only be described as a complete nightmare.

JRM 990N

4 thoughts on “An Interview I did back in 2004 for Financial Sense Newshour”

  1. Hi…Can you please let me how to do futures? Any reference links please? I am losing money here and there by not organizing well.

    Kindly help me.

    Tha is

    1. Hello Krishna – where would you like to begin?

      Here is a link to InteractiveBrokers for account purposes when you are ready –

      Interactive Brokers has an excellent You Tube Channel for support and training. Remember, you are able to trade without using money in a practice account. I would highly recommend you practice for at least a month.

      Begin here –

      Here is a good place to start –

      Search Youtube for “Trading Futures” and watch as needed.

      Chat with Traders is excellent for the future, not for beginners –

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