Consolidating at Highs

The past week followed in prior footsteps, declines were held mostly to the overnight session with one exception.

A close near the lows, which we have not seen since August.

*Of note:

Bonds began a very strong rally off their recent bottom.

DXY went on a teat, completing the 1299 target for Gold, Silver made strong move as well.

The indices are relying on the boost from Tax Reform which is a gift at the expense of taxpayer ($1.5 Trillion and counting) – the cost of which will be borne by the rest of us.

We’ll see how effectively it is promoted, one things is certain – IF/When the $3.5 Trillion offshore comes back home, the next leg up in the indices will be massive.

Crude Oil is completed a reversal, ahead of OPEC it now has it’s first overhead target in the 59s… The PetroYuan comes into play shortly.