An Incredible Day, Week and Month.

The YM provide $6,514 per contract today for the High to low….

Spectacular if you followed the Chart I posted this mooning, it traded almost to perfection.

Crude Oil – about the same, having nailed the top at 66.66 (how is that not entirely obvious) to the 60.36 low – it’s going lower, although 5905 / 55.22 / 52.88 will begin to arrive quickly, there’s a long that will develop off the lows… to 75 / 92/ 114.

NQ RTY ES gagged… again.

Currencies are getting wild – the 6e is open to 113’s and then 108s.

6a, serious trouble, GBP even more.

Bond shorts are smoking it, another clear short.

The correction has much further to go…


Trading Currencies this evening – 6 E/A/J

Nice little rip down on all and some very fast profits – If FX trading is something you want to trade as an instrument, begin with the AUD or Aussie$ prior to stepping into the larger arena with the YEN & EURO – those are primarily for experienced FOREX traders. Step in too soon and you’ll get lit up – always best to enter small.

There is no substitute for screen time.

FOREX requires you understand a great many Macro-Economic, Financial, Central Bank Policy and Bond Markets.

It can be immensely rewarding. The EURO/USD was my most profitable trade for years.

Took the AUD x 12 for 30 ticks – the 6j for far more and 6e – smaller size but equivalent move for 6a, 6J took a nose dive on Dollar noise.

I’ll begin posting charts on the AUD (6a) to see IF there’s interest as AuAgB kicked off with Energy – specifically NG.