2 days in operation and traffic has begin to increase nicely

Yesterday there were 118 unique visitors and today it’s 230 at the moment and with the current build it should hit 270-280 today.

Thank you for visiting the site – it will continue to expand into other instruments as time permits and seasons change.

Encouraging beginnings… appreciate the support and trust.

I’m adding a Forum, which will remain unmoderated and a best practices/common sense/be thoughtful area for exchange of ideas. It is important as my thoughts are not the only ideas in the room. Always appreciate another pair of eyes, or many for that matter.

During the 1990s and early 2000’s I had the largest investment forum on Yahoo finance – it became so large as to be unworkable. this forum will be limited in size and be for traders interested in making $.

The ES YM ZB ZN CL 6e & 6j all were traded outside the NG box.

I’ll begin to expand into larger setups and highest risk/reward for these as focusing on the intraday for all these instruments would not permit me to trade.


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